Illustration gallery for social awareness

What's imARTgine?

Imartgine is an artwork gallery for raising social awareness.

Welcome to imartgine, the first online gallery of illustrations for social awareness. Here you can buy a selection of artworks by theme and in a variety of social, personal and educational criteria. You can use the services of the gallery in many ways. Both for your communication, as for your marketing campaigns.

If you explore the illustrations numbered section, you will find our exclusive illustrations; all of them will be published in a limited edition of 30 copies; they are accompanied of a certificate of authenticity. You can start a collection of drawings, created by authors who are committed to the environment, or an exhibition of numbered works to support one of your projects or that of a different operator.

And finally, if you are a recognized illustrator, with a desire to share ideas and solidarity, and if you want to sell works of art on a specialized platform, why not sign up and try it?


Etymologically, “ethics” and “moral” share the same meaning. "Moral" comes from the Latin word "mos" meaning habit or custom and “ethics” from the Greek "ethos" which means the same.

Ethics are a guide to the correct behaviour of human beings in certain situations.  They form a set of principals, criteria, rules and values that directs our behaviour and is used to influence the conduct of members of a society.

Social awareness refers to the shared beliefs and moral values that unite and shape any society. It is a process that involves everyone and it differentiates us from robots that do things by routine or as a result of programming.

We are aware of how the environment can favour or harm the development of individuals. This is why humans understand the needs of others and try to cooperate by using different social mechanisms.

Imartgine's aim

Our aim is the creation of a social conscience that results in a more participative, active and caring society.

Advantages for illustrators

  • Illustrators can use the platform for promoting artwork relating to moral and social values that are their deepest convictions which affect the way they are and influence their behaviour.
  • It is free. The illustrations are submitted to an online jury who determines their suitability for this social gallery. This ensures the validity of the content and artistic value of every illustration that is produced and displayed.
  • The author is the owner of the artwork and receives remuneration for the client’s licensed usage for the online usage rights version or for limited edition print runs in paper format.
  • Illustrators can take part in an innovative project that enables their work to be promoted in an appropriate cultural setting in addition to the efforts already made by their gallery to promote their work.
  • Professional references associated with their work are very clearly displayed on the website.
  • Illustrators gain visibility and position themselves as artists with a critical approach who contribute their work to a world in need of more social cohesion.
  • Illustrators can create their own store on the platform and publicise it on blogs, social networks, etc.

Advantages for users

  • Choose – A new way of choosing images involves searching by popular subject matters and results that can be obtained and not by the description of the illustration itself.
  • Use- Artwork adapted for various uses: purchase an image for an organisation’s stationery, quickly change a picture on part of a website, produce a company marketing CD using an image, and decorate an email or a brochure used for discussions.... Licensing agreements are for one-off and specific uses.
  • Maximise – Organisations or individuals that use or publicise the images boost the effects of their communication and on the ground activities.
  • Publicise – provides managers who request artwork for communication or campaign activities with the opportunity to write a post about their choice of artwork at the start of the campaign. And that is not all; this information will be shared on Editorial Saure’s social network sites including Facebook and Twitter.
  • Comment – Anyone who purchases a print can send us their comments with a link to the photo of the picture which we will share with the publisher’s online community.
  • Collaborate– Close collaboration with a group of illustrators who take social issues seriously or with humour but maintain a professional and personal approach to quality and cordiality.
  • Certify – Access to numbered limited editions with a clear educational component for a fair price.
  • Guarantee – All the illustrations contained in the gallery are carefully analysed thus assuring the high quality of both the type and content of the artwork displayed.