Lost civilisations

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Títle: Lost civilisations

Authors: Pello Gutiérrez, Daniel Redondo and Iban Astondoa

Hard-cover copy

Format: 280 mm x 216 mm

Pages: 108

Publication date: 2016


Lost civilisations

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Two athletes and their coach travel to Mexico in order to take part in a pelota court competition.They help a boy who leads them to the land of the Huichole Indians.

In a second adventure, the three friends face a disturbed man that tries to restore the old Minoic Kingdom in a dictatorial way by means of chaos and terror. We are presented a broad outline of the current Cretan culture: lifestyles, consumer habits, popular festivals... That epic fantasy, which evokes the Odyssey and many other old stories, makes us rejuvenate and encourages us to rummage through lost books, those old myths that have fueled mankind’s imagination.
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