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How to sell your artwork on Imartgine

Selling your artwork on imartgine is very easy; you only have to register as an illustrator on the platform, choose a URL for your illustrator profile and complete your profile with your personal details, CV, etc. Once this is completed you can start to upload your artwork for our jury to assess and if it complies with our technical requirements relating to content and quality you will soon start getting your sales commission.

Proceso de venta en imartgine


Artwork for review

What type of artwork can I send?

  • Illustrations that are GRAPHICAL truths, aphorisms or maxims.
  • Artwork must not contain words.

What are the themes?

  • Artwork portraying solidarity that promotes good taste, understanding of collective challenges, defending heritage and future togetherness in any of these fields: peace, ecology and culture.
  • In other words, artwork related to the quality of life expressed through cultural values (school sports, art, etc.) environmental values (recycling, responsible consumption etc.) and human rights (contribution to justice and social inclusion, promotion of active citizenship, etc.).

What styles do we accept?

All styles. More precisely, abstract, comic, digital, fantasy and science fiction, graffiti, hyperrealism, humorous, computer graphics, youth, surreal.

What techniques do we accept?

All techniques. More precisely: acrylic, watercolour, pen, charcoal, collage, digital, gouache, crayon, pencil, oil, pastel, or ink.

What assessment criteria exist?

  • The quality and artistic relevance of the artwork.
  • Adherence to the platform’s intrinsic themes and language.
  • The social and cultural impact of the artwork in terms of raising social awareness.

Which file types are accepted for illustrations?

When uploading an illustration, the file type must be .JPG and have the resolution and color scheme that you have specified in the form fields.

  • If you want to sell your illustration for printing purposes, it must be at 300dpi and CMYK.
  • If you just want it to be sold for digital use, it must be at 72dpi and RGB.

Remember that if the file uploaded doesn't match the resolution, size and color you have specified, the jury won't accept it.


Use License
  Print (CMYK) Web (RGB)
A5 2480 x 1748 px (300 dpi) 595 x 492 px (72 dpi)
A4 3514 x 2480 px (300 dpi) 1193 x 843 px (72 dpi)
A3 4970 x 3514 px (300 dpi) 1193 x 843 px (72 dpi)
Limited Printings
A4 3514 x 2480 px (300dpi) - -
A3 4970 x 3514 px (300 dpi) - -